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Success Story #3:
Auburn Systems, LLC

NETAAC Qualification

Auburn Systems, LLC, based in Danvers, MA, designs, engineers, and manufactures environmental and process control dust monitoring equipment and systems which are required and / or specified throughout the United States and around the world. In 2010, Auburn sought and received assistance through the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program for financial support to aid growth initiatives for both Domestic and International markets.

NETAAC Assistance

Auburn Systems LLC’s top management worked closely with NETAAC in the development of strategy plans to support growth initiatives in both Domestic and International markets. Because of the grant, Auburn was able to complete a total of 13 projects. These funded projects focused on both International and domestic marketing updates, including a website, market research information, and public relations outreach. In addition, Auburn used funds to help get product certifications and assistance with product redesign that allowed better penetration into International markets.

“We are, without a doubt, grateful for the support we received from NETAAC since 2010. Our sales and full time team have each grown by 45%!  We can give credit to NETAAC, in particular, for its critical help getting us through the after effects of the Recession of 2007 -2008!”

—Ron Dechene, President, Auburn Systems, LLC

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