NETAAC Success Stories

Success Story #1:
ALSCO Industries, Inc

NETAAC Qualification

ALSCO Industries, Inc., a Massachusetts-based Thermoplastic Injection Molder, was emerging as a world leader in creating intricate, clean dental floss picks. After years of steady growth, a major contract loss to overseas molders significantly impacted company sales and work-flow.

NETAAC Assistance

NETAAC provided the funding to undertake three Lean Manufacturing projects, which successfully increased manufacturing operations. The grant funds and support were also applied to create Marketing and Sales initiatives that included a new website, marketing brochure, PR campaign, and sales support collateral. The NETAAC funding offset afforded ALSCO the ability to purchase new, efficient machinery, including equipment that would allow ALSCO to expand their product line capabilities.

“The NETAAC support and grant funds allowed us to turn a negative situation into an opportunity to expand and diversify our service offerings. Thanks in part to NETAAC assistance, the molding of plastic dental flossers is still a large part of what we do—but by no means ALL that we do today. Our 2015 celebration of being “Family Owned and Operated for 25 Years” is a milestone they certainly aided us in realizing.”

—Stephen Rieser,  President, COO, Alsco Industries, Inc.

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