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Q: What is NETAAC? 

NETAAC stands for the New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center, Inc. Located in Billerica, Massachusetts, we are a government funded non-profit organization that offers cost-shared assistance to import-impacted manufacturers through a grant from the U.S. Department of Commerce. NETAAC’s goal is to help New England manufacturers increase profitability and retain employees while competing against imported products.

Q: What does NETAAC offer? 

Manufacturers that have experienced recent declines in sales and employment, due at least in part to increasing imports of competitive products, are eligible for participation in the program. The federal government pays a percentage of the cost of consulting services designed to help the firm improve its competitive position. (The Federal Government pays 75% of costs if the firm requests $30,000 or less of assistance. The Federal Government pays 50% of costs if the firm requests over $30,000 in assistance.)

Q: What is NETAAC's Mission? 

NETAAC strives to provide timely, cost-effective and material business services to manufacturing clients within the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

It is NETAAC’s philosophy that the only true protection for U.S. workers and industries versus foreign competition is for domestic manufacturers to be profitable, with manufacturing process technology and labor productivity that is equal to or better than World Class standards. NETAAC is committed to assisting manufacturers achieve this goal.

NETAAC is dedicated to analyzing the existing operating conditions of its client organizations to determine their strengths and weaknesses, and their standing within the marketplace. Based on this analysis, strategies are developed and implemented that can enable our clients to increase profitability and productivity. Most importantly, NETAAC will aid New England manufacturers in implementing these strategies to enhance their manufacturing processes and capabilities enabling them to compete in an increasingly interdependent and competitive global economy.

Q: What is a TAAC? 

There are eleven Trade Adjustment Assistance Centers (TAAC) located across the country. TAACs are government funded non-profit organizations that offer cost-shared assistance to import-impacted manufacturers. The TAAC’s purpose is to administer the Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) for Firms program within the United States. TAA for Firms is a nationwide program managed by the Economic Development Administration (EDA) under the U.S. Department of Commerce. The program provides technical assistance to help trade-impacted manufacturers remain competitive in the global market.

Q: What can TAA do for my company? 

Companies receiving TAA have experienced improved business performance, increased profitability and sustained or increased their workforce.

Q: Is TAA Effective? 

NETAAC clients typically average 45% growth in productivity within two years of completing the program.

The Urban Institute performed an independent study of the TAA for Firms program concluding that it was highly successful, producing more resilient firms and increasing sales and employment. It was also estimated that every federal dollar invested in this program offered a return on taxpayer’s investment of over 300%. The study confirmed that firms receiving TAA benefits had a higher survival rate, added more employees and demonstrated stronger sales growth compared to unassisted companies nationwide.

Q: How can I find out if my business qualifies? 

Manufacturers who have experienced a decline in sales or production and a reduction or anticipate a reduction in employment (or hours) may be eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance. Determining if you qualify for NETAAC Certification is Phase One of the grant process, and is available to New England based manufacturing businesses at no cost. This Phase requires you contact us to receive application documents that will explain the data needed that helps substantiate your claim of being impacted by import trade. The smartest first step is to fill out a time-saving Qualification Inquiry form by clicking on the link at top. Providing the basic information on the form will save time and help make certain our meeting time is productive and relevant.

Q: How long do I need to be in business? 

Since NETAAC requires a 24-month comparison to determine eligibility, a company needs to be in business for at least two years. If the business was recently purchased (successor firm) you will need to combine your data with sales and employment data from the previous company to meet the 24-month period requirement.

Q: How long does Phase One (Certification) take? 

Certification begins with your readiness and ability to submit documentation to NETAAC. Once we have the required paperwork in hand, NETAAC can prepare your application (petition) within one week and submit it to Washington for approval. Washington typically takes 40 days to approve your petition. For a detailed explanation of the process, click on the Application & Approval link.

Q: How long does Phase Two (Adjustment Plan) take? 

Once certified, NETAAC will begin your adjustment plan, which usually takes two weeks to complete. Once finalized, it is submitted to Washington and typically takes two weeks for approval. For a detailed explanation of the process, click on the Application & Approval link.

Q: How long does Phase Three (Implementation) take? 

Once your adjustment plan is approved, you may begin assistance immediately. If for some reason you select to wait, you have up to six months to begin an approved project. All firms must begin within six months of adjustment plan approval. You may move forward with one project at a time or implement simultaneous projects based upon your needs/requirements. Typically, all assistance projects are completed within three years. For a detailed explanation of the process, click on the Application & Approval link.

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